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[{"id":17788,"title":"Allie Rimanic","meta_title":"Allie Rimanic","position":21,"created_at":1591618663,"description":"<p>Allie began her yoga journey whilst training as a professional ballet dancer. Since leaving her career in the performing arts industry, she dove deeply into the world of wellness. With a degree in Health Science, a love for movement and her dance background, Allie enjoys teaching dynamic flows and facilitating the connection between breath, body and soul. </p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/allie.rimanic/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Allie's Instagram Account</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/allie-rimanic","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/17788/small_small_ygPqLKAISBBsme0XqLYy_IMG_9818.JPG","permalink":"allie-rimanic"},{"id":17503,"title":"Balancd Fitness","meta_title":null,"position":20,"created_at":1591254755,"description":"<p><a href=\"https://play.google.com/store/books/author?id=%E9%8D%BE%E7%BF%A0%E7%8F%8A+Chung+Chui-shan+Sara++\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>鍾翠珊 Chung Chui-shan Sara</strong></a></p><p><br></p><p>Sara is a Hong Kong-based fully certified Instructor in Northern Shaolin Martial Arts and is the co-founder of Balancd. With a UX design background, she uses modern design concepts to create programs that are intuitive and easy-to-understand.</p><p><br></p><p>Sara first started her journey because she wanted to help her mother improve her health. Working with doctors and physiotherapists, she created Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong programs that are backed by science. Seeing the powerful mental and physical improvements in her mother and herself, martial arts has now become part of her lifestyle. She trains many different forms of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, such as Tan Tui, Sword, Spear, Umbrella, Broadsword and Kwan Dao.</p><p><br></p><p>Sara was trained under Grandmaster Lung Kai Ming of Northern Shaolin. With his unwavering support and attention to detail, her goal is to continue the community service, scaling the health benefits of Kung Fu to more people. Sara spends her time teaching at offices, community centres, residential areas and charity organisations in Hong Kong. She teaches in both English and Cantonese, and to students of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds.</p><p><br></p><p>Balancd has recently launched a new book and mobile app with its signature qigong program. Check out its new book “Shaolin Baduanjin”. The app is called “balancd’ and it provides a daily program that guarantees “balance in 8 weeks”. Available on both android and iOS.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"http://balancdfitness.com\" target=\"_blank\">Balancd Fitness Website</a></p><p><a href=\"http://www.instagram.com/balancdfitness\" target=\"_blank\">Balancd Fitness IG Account</a></p><p><a href=\"https://facebook.com/balancdfitness\" target=\"_blank\">Balancd Fitness Facebook Account</a></p><p><br></p><p>APP (includes Shaolin basic training and Qigong) </p><p>- <a href=\"https://apps.apple.com/hk/app/balancd/id1436487426?l=en\" target=\"_blank\">iOS APP</a>: </p><p>- <a href=\"https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.balancdfitness.app\" target=\"_blank\">Android APP</a> </p><p><a href=\"https://www.etpress.com.hk/etpress/\" target=\"_blank\">BOOK (Shaolin Badaunjin - Qigong)</a></p><p><a href=\"https://play.google.com/store/books/details/龍啟明師父_Grandmaster_Lung_Kai_ming_少林八段錦?id=-nrYDwAAQBAJ\" target=\"_blank\">eBOOK (Shaolin Badaunjin - Qigong)</a></p>","url":"/authors/author-p0zFbN7d_b0","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/17503/small_small_small_xXvSc2qvQdi73gF1GREH_logo.png","permalink":"author-p0zFbN7d_b0"},{"id":23962,"title":"Balance Health","meta_title":null,"position":35,"created_at":1597242770,"description":"<p>Balance Health is a natural health clinic offering an alternative to the conventional treatments, as no single system of medicine has the answers to every medical problem. </p><p>As one of Hong Kong’s earliest natural alternative clinics, Balance Health has supported thousands achieving health and well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit. By integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine our international team of therapists is able to take a broader view – lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, behaviour patterns, and beliefs. Health and wellness is more than simply the absence of pain. Balance Health offers alternative therapies to provide the body with the opportunity to heal naturally, making it stronger and less susceptible to illness and disease. Whether you have health issues and want to facilitate your healing process or are just looking for a moment to escape your busy life: We connect you to practitioners to offer treatments tailored to your individual wishes and needs.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/balancehealthwellnesscentre/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Balance Health's Instagram Page</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/author-daQ-Meu_HdY","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/23962/small_3jMAuAWXSCGAl1Lr7Xqe_Balance_20Health_20logo.jpg","permalink":"author-daQ-Meu_HdY"},{"id":13523,"title":"Benedicte Alice Kapur","meta_title":"Benedicte Alice Kapur","position":14,"created_at":1587056658,"description":"<p>Benedicte is a E-RYT 200-RYT 500 Hr Yoga Teacher & Holistic Life Coach. Originally from Norway with a professional background from Business Psychology, Child Welfare and Human Resources. </p><p><br></p><p>She teaches at several yoga studios in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and also passionately runs the Holistic Wellness Company - YogiMovement with her husband where they offer Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Coaching, Events, Workshops and Retreats. Benedicte is specialised in Yin and Restorative Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. The practice is directed toward awakening us to the what we refer to as the true <strong>\"promise of yoga\":</strong> to live free and empowered, to experience the bountiful treasures of life, and the realization of purpose and success. Benedicte will with love and compassion hold the space for you and support you on your path to awaken your souls purpose, for you to find ease, self-acceptance and inner balance, let go of limitations, full fill dreams and experience your own magic! </p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/benedicteyogini/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Benedicte's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/yogimovementco/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>YogiMovement's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.yogimovement.co/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>YogiMovement's Website</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gZ5DsItEl3pUN0shmiBFg\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>YogiMovement's YouTube Channel</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/benedicte-alice-kapur","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13523/small_M0vNv8bGRIG5H8lFzBw8_Avatar.jpeg","permalink":"benedicte-alice-kapur"},{"id":33637,"title":"Brooke Armonaitis","meta_title":"Brooke Armonaitis","position":45,"created_at":1611690044,"description":"<p>COMING SOON</p>","url":"/authors/brooke","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/33637/small_VyXwArvdS12TuG4lRSKI_Brooke_20Armonaitis.jpg","permalink":"brooke"},{"id":17796,"title":"Calibrate Studio","meta_title":null,"position":23,"created_at":1591639144,"description":"<p>Calibrate Studios focuses on lifestyle change. </p><p>Their ethos is creating an active lifestyle and recalibrating your health to optimise your quality of life. Not only do they provide fitness, nutritional, and physical rehabilitation advice, they also provide a social support network, as they build the Calibrate community one step at a time. </p><p>They believe that everyone is entitled to taking charge of their own health. This is why they continually strive to educate people on the importance of health, and why it truly represents wealth. </p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.calibrate-studios.com/\" target=\"_blank\">Calibrate's Website</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/calibratestudios/\" target=\"_blank\">Calibrate's IG Account</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/calibratestudios/\" target=\"_blank\">Calibrate's FB Account</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-xaikV9IVJguHUJbyf4zg\" target=\"_blank\">Calibrate's Youtube Channel</a></p>","url":"/authors/author-I8gv1qz_h6I","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/17796/small_sXv9xoAzTGy0pzieiqRL_calibratestudio_logo.jpg","permalink":"author-I8gv1qz_h6I"},{"id":14667,"title":"Crush Fitness India","meta_title":null,"position":17,"created_at":1588043779,"description":"<p>Crush Fitness India was started with the mission of helping people take their first step towards fitness by bringing innovative and effective fitness programs to people’s offices, gyms, and homes. </p><p>As an early mover in organising the Group Fitness space in India, Crush Fitness has developed both its own proprietary group fitness programs that are taught across Gyms and corporates in India through its full time team of Crushers, as well as a Pan-India network of associate fitness trainers to fulfil any requirement of fitness talent across the country. Crush Fitness is also a leading provider of home based and virtual personal training services through a team of certified personal trainers. </p><p>Finally, Crush Fitness is a pioneer of curating social fitness experiences- bringing fitness to where people least expect it – at food festivals, nightclubs and other places to help bring fitness into the lives of people who are yet to develop a relationship of love with it.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/crushfitnessindia/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Crush Fitness' Instagram Account</u></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/crushfitnessindia/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Crush Fitness Facebook Account</u></a></p><p><a href=\"http://crushfitnessindia.com/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Crush Fitness Website</u></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwg86j0qBcasGW8nvaZfJ2w\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Crush Fitness YouTube Channel</u></a></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/crush-fitness-india","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/14667/small_1atwWdsTQtaNQwy7dKV0_Crush-Square_Logo_White.jpg","permalink":"crush-fitness-india"},{"id":18791,"title":"Dance Body DXB","meta_title":"Dance Body DXB","position":28,"created_at":1593091669,"description":"<p>Dance. Ignite. Unite.</p><p><br></p><p>That’s Dance Body DXB’s motto! Dance Body DXB is an all-female crew on a mission. They’ve set themselves to IGNITE the passion you have for dance. They are not here to compete on the dance floor but to UNITE. They look forward to welcoming like-minded women to their tribe.</p><p><br></p><p>After taking their classes, you will learn new dance moves whilst having a fun workout and improving coordination and memory. Feel energised, more confident, happier, healthier, and fitter.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/dancebodydxb/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Dance Body DXB’s Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/dancebodydxb/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Dance Body DXB’s Facebook Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4n2vKerlLh2reqqHH1zKOA\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Dance Body DXB’s Youtube Channel</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/dance-body-dxb-profile","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/18791/small_617OkLzETpOJ5YNjBvYI_dance_20body_20logo_20_1_.jpg","permalink":"dance-body-dxb-profile"},{"id":13228,"title":"DB aka Chefatron","meta_title":null,"position":7,"created_at":1586804885,"description":"","url":"/authors/db-aka-chefatron","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13228/small_MNUDKjRRi2UJ9SUXA2Ru_IMG_0484.jpg","permalink":"db-aka-chefatron"},{"id":13521,"title":"Embody Fitness","meta_title":"Embody Fitness","position":12,"created_at":1587056427,"description":"<p>Originating in London, Embody Fitness is now regarded as Dubai’s most luxurious state of the art gym. An award-winning fitness business, Embody is renowned for delivering outstanding body transformation results through their all-inclusive fitness programs covering training, nutrition and sports therapy. From their Olympic-standard VIP gym area and luxury private training studio to the relaxation lounges and ESPA products, they have sought to create a dynamic yet luxurious environment for their clients. The nutrition café and bar on-site provides clients with the perfect opportunity to eat well and maintain their programs in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/embodyfitnessdxb/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Embody Fitness' Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/embody-fitness","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13521/small_1ujpvk1yQ5CFMn2jLHlc_Avatar_20-_20Embody_20Fitness.png","permalink":"embody-fitness"},{"id":29334,"title":"Erica Pang","meta_title":"Erica Pang","position":43,"created_at":1605168521,"description":"<p>Erica Pang is a professional Art Therapist and artist. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and a Master’s level diploma from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. Since she was young, she used art as a tool for healing, expression and self-discovery. She whole-heartedly believes in the power of the creative process and art making. Her passion is to hold space for her clients to express their emotions through art and share the gift of creativity to the world. She expresses herself through acrylic paint on canvas, using energy, color, and intuition as her inspiration. Art is her life and life is her art, there is no separation.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/ericapang.art/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Erica's Instagram Page</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/ericapangart/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Erica's Youtube Page </u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/ericapangart/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Erica's Facebook Page</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"http://www.ericapang.com/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Erica's Website</u></strong></a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/erica-pang","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/29334/small_small_small_elmEJI3RvOCcbMQ6cZEg_switchheadshot.jpg","permalink":"erica-pang"},{"id":18929,"title":"EunSeong Choi","meta_title":null,"position":29,"created_at":1593176474,"description":"<p> EunSeong is a warm and passionate yoga instructor. She has dedicated her life to sharing the benefits of a consistent yoga practice with the world since 2012. As a teacher, she is known to care deeply about her students and their practice. Her attention and adjustments are highly personalised, to support the individuality of each body. She encourages and challenges her students.</p><p><br></p><p>Her yoga journey started in 2005. She is now an experienced teacher, currently teaching full-time in Dubai, UAE. Her teacher training has included Bikram (Bikram Yoga / US), Vinyasa (Jared McCann Yoga / US), Hatha (Agama Yoga / Thailand), Ashtanga (Tattvaa Yogashala / India), Pregnancy Yoga + Mama & Baby Yoga (Sally Parkes Yoga / UK), and many intensive trainings and workshops.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"www.instagram.com/eunseongyoga\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>EunSeong’s Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"www.eunseong.yoga\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>EunSeong’s Website</strong></a></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-996_9jpDkLI","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/18929/small_small_p5iblQaTCqOBIsYrrJxA_IMDS5183.JPG","permalink":"author-996_9jpDkLI"},{"id":26450,"title":"Fanxy Studio","meta_title":null,"position":39,"created_at":1601290754,"description":"<p>Go Beyond K-pop, We are Fanxy! Let’s dance like you’re BTS or Blackpink!” This is the No.1 one-day KPOP dance class, Fanxy Studio.</p><p>As the hottest one-day dance class, we are attracting attentions from global influencers,YouTube, and Instagram. </p><p>With our choreographer from a famous dance team, we will teach you KPOP dances in the easiest and most fun ways.</p><p>In our offline classes, the dances we've learned are filmed with specialized equipment, and directly edited to dance MVs by our video producer! </p><p>In our newly launched online class, you’ll learn dance routines & basic movements that make our favorite K-pop stars use—right in your living room.</p><p>We’ll watch and guide you step-by-step. Just make sure you have enough room to vibe with us!</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>“Beyond K-pop, We are Fanxy!” No.1 원데이 KPOP 댄스 클래스,팬시스튜디오입니다.</p><p>글로벌 인플루언서와 유튜브, 인스타 등 다수 매체에서 주목하는 가장 HOT한 원데이 댄스클래스로</p><p>유명 댄스팀 출신 안무가와 함께 KPOP 댄스를 가장 쉽고 재밌게 가르쳐 드립니다.</p><p>오프라인 수업에서는 배운 춤을 전문장비로 촬영하여 영상 전문 프로듀서가 직접 편집 후 댄스 MV 까지 제공해 드리고 있으며 </p><p>새롭게 런칭한 온라인 수업에서는 1시간동안 가장 인기있는 K-pop 아이돌 노래의 주요 부분을 배울 것입니다.</p><p>온라인 수업 만으로도 스트레스 해소, 다이어트, 유산소 등 최고의 운동효과를 경험해볼 수 있습니다. </p><p>No.1 원데이 댄스 클래스 Fanxy Studio의 온라인 수업을 통해 가장 핫한 K-pop 댄스 를 배워보세요!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"www.fanxystudio.com\" target=\"_blank\">Fanxy Studio Webpage</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/fanxy_studio/\" target=\"_blank\">Fanxy Studio Instagram account</a></p><p>Fanxy Studio Kakaotalk: @fanxystudio</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-kCSva8kCXAU","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/26450/small_small_NSgs46TgTKWzTp6v7tn5_Fanxy_Logo.png","permalink":"author-kCSva8kCXAU"},{"id":17791,"title":"Fire City","meta_title":"Fire City","position":22,"created_at":1591624338,"description":"<p>Fire City is home to one of the tightest CrossFit communities you’ll find anywhere in the world, bringing together members from all walks of life. </p><p> </p><p>Every individual that enters its doors is treated as an athlete, regardless of your athletic background. Their group of qualified coaches will identify individual goals and create a path for success for you. They believe that \"It’s not about what you can do; it’s about what you’re willing to do!”</p><p><br></p><p>Affectionately known as Uncle Sam by the community, Samuel Lim, founder of Fire City, fits the role as a confidant, friend and coach. Married and a father of two lovely children, he divides his time between family and the community.</p><p><br></p><p>Uncle Sam was introduced to the CrossFit in 2007 and started Fire City, a pioneer CrossFit affiliate in Asia since 2011. He is also an avid CrossFit, track run and Olympic weightlifting athlete. He is Singapore’s fittest CrossFitter and Olympic Weightlifter in 2019.</p><p><br></p><p>He is fueled by happiness. \"Happiness brings people together to do things that generates greater happiness.”</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/cffirecity/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Fire City's Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/thatunclesam/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Uncle Sam's Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/thatunclesam.times \" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Uncle Sam's Facebook Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.thatunclesam.com\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Uncle Sam's Website</strong></a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/fire-city","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/17791/small_qC3cjvGrRyCZeMoNmPKi_Logo_Finalized-01.png","permalink":"fire-city"},{"id":13008,"title":"FLYE Fitness","meta_title":null,"position":2,"created_at":1586552615,"description":"<p>More than an effective workout, FLYE is an immersive fitness experience blurring the lines between exercising and partying. Think clubbing with your besties, feeling uninhibited, sweating your stress out, and FLYEing high! Yas! The themed classes \"FLYE\" you around the world with upbeat destination beats and killer moves!</p><p><br></p><p><em>“We wanted to re-create that high of dancing our hearts out to upbeat, high-tempo tunes as a fun way to stay fit. We combine dance-inspired cardio and HIIT routine with team drills to music from around the world in a party atmosphere ambiance” -</em> Eliza Jiang</p><p><br></p><p>FLYE's founders met in a club in Hong Kong and instantly bonded over their love of dance, fitness, travel and nightlife. Walking home one night after another sweat-drenched night out they came up with an idea for a new fitness concept.</p><p>Chinese-Panamanian lawyer, Eliza, and Sri Lankan-Australian ex-competitive dancer and physiotherapist, Upekha, joined forces and, voila! Their baby FLYE was born.</p><p>Learn more about the FLYE co-founders and team <a href=\"https://www.flyefitnessasia.com/flye-team\" target=\"_blank\">here</a>.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/flyefitnesshk/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>FLYE's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/flyefitnesshk/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>FLYE's Facebook</u></strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://flyefitness.uscreen.io/?_ga=2.250348160.742390840.1589162644-1914874669.1587694638\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>FLYE's Website</u></strong></a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/flye-fitness","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13008/small_small_small_small_small_Er0mYKORb2sPurbqfrDG_Copy_20of_20FLYE_20Logo_202.png","permalink":"flye-fitness"},{"id":13225,"title":"Gary Blowers","meta_title":null,"position":6,"created_at":1586803035,"description":"<p>Switch & Co's CEO Gary Blowers (a.k.a. Coach GB) leads a fun Switch+ live workout called \"Gary's Bootcamp\" for anyone who wants to join Team Switch for a fun and casual sweat session!</p>","url":"/authors/gary","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13225/small_small_small_ud2ggX7YRF2SZXZECTRT_IMG_0513.jpg","permalink":"gary"},{"id":31879,"title":"Ida Yang","meta_title":null,"position":44,"created_at":1608636697,"description":"<p>Ida started out as an investment banker in Australia and Hong Kong, following her graduation from Monash University, in Melbourne.  Following her career in finance, for the past 7 years, Ida has focused on her passion for fitness.  Ida is a certified NASM trainer, and also holds the CHFI (Clean Health Fitness Institute) Performance Personal Trainer Level 1 & Level 2 certification, as well as being a certified Nutrition Coach.  She has completed her Functional Range Conditioning mobility course in Singapore in 2019. Ida got her first start in the fitness industry as a certified group instructor specialising in running a number of TRX, combat, small weight resistance training and core programs in both Beijing and Hong Kong.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Ida(杨雨薇)毕业于澳大利亚墨尔本莫纳什大学。毕业后分别在澳大利亚和香港从事投资银行工作。从事银行工作6年后,由于对健身的热爱Ida决定投身于健身行业。 Ida是一位NASM认证的私人教练,并拥有Clean Health Fitness Institute私人教练和营养师1级和2级认证证书。她另于2019年完成了Functional Range Conditoning身体柔韧性的认证。在成为私人教练之前,Ida是一名团体教练,在北京和香港两地教授TRX,格斗,小重量耐力训练和核心强化等课程。</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-Stw2VC-jVoA","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/31879/small_04TeP4rQh6Qk2SUY3OAQ_headshot.JPG","permalink":"author-Stw2VC-jVoA"},{"id":13369,"title":"IKIGAI","meta_title":"IKIGAI","position":9,"created_at":1586933669,"description":"<p>IKIGAI - derived from the Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being” - is a bespoke wellness studio offering unique experiences that encourage transformational change.</p><p>IKIGAI offers a variety of creative, high-quality classes taught by a team of professional, passionate and knowledgeable teachers coming from all walks of life.</p><p><br></p><p>The creatively designed space and careful curation of classes invites you to discover your reason for being with a humble, authentic and encouraging voice.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/ikigai.hk/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Ikigai's Instagram Account</u></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/ikigai.hk/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Ikigai's Facebook Account</u></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.ikigai.hk/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Ikigai's Website</u></a></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/ikigai","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13369/small_small_jBHdSjNrQceuAflVG3bg_Screenshot_202020-04-15_20at_202.56.34_20PM.png","permalink":"ikigai"},{"id":18426,"title":"Jacqueline Gurr","meta_title":null,"position":27,"created_at":1592795628,"description":"<p>Jacqui is an APPI Pilates Instructor with a keen passion for movement retraining and clinical exercise. She initially fell in love with Pilates in 2013 when she was an athlete herself, using Pilates to help treat her own injuries and optimise performance. She has since continued pursing her passion for Pilates teaching around the world in both Melbourne and London.</p><p>Jacqui offers a range of different workouts from beginner to advanced power sessions, with no two workouts being the same. She will carefully take you through each posture to help you engage your centre correctly, challenging not only your body but your mind as well. Grab your mat and discover the power of Pilates!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/jac.pilates/\" target=\"_blank\">Jacqui's Instagram account</a></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-HlgBlIrcftg","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/18426/small_small_Auba8Gj6RGKiEpgdYj5Q_Headshot-Jacqueline_Gurr.jpg","permalink":"author-HlgBlIrcftg"},{"id":13758,"title":"Jessica Lee","meta_title":"Jessica Lee","position":16,"created_at":1587271350,"description":"<p>A Hong Kong-based international yoga teacher, Jessica Lee stepped onto her first yoga mat in 2005 and soon realized an eagerness to share her love for the practice with others. In addition to being RYT-550 certified, she is the only ACROVINYASA Level 2 Teacher in Hong Kong and a leader in the city’s acroyoga community. Her continuing curiosity for movement has also led her to become a certified FRC Mobility Specialist and Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga Instructor. She spends her summers assisting 200- and 300-hour teacher trainings for her mentors Briohny Smyth and Claudine & Honza Lafond, and has taught workshops in Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, Australia, and the UK.</p><p><br></p><p>Born hypermobile, Jessica learned the hard way through a childhood of recreational gymnastics that too much flexibility can be a bad thing. Through her injuries, she has had to relearn her approach to yoga by incorporating strength and mobility training as well as other movement disciplines into her practice, which completely transformed the way she understands the human body and the way she teaches. Jessica has made it her mission to help others move better through multifaceted yet accessible instruction in her classes, focusing not just on the end goal but also how to move intelligently between poses, all while having a bit of lighthearted fun. She aspires to empower others to become the best versions of themselves through a healthy body and mind.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/jessicaleeyoga/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Jessica's Instagram account</u></a></p><p><a href=\"www.jessicaleeyoga.com\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Jessica's Website</u></a></p>","url":"/authors/jessicalee","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13758/small_small_small_small_Oq9Wn07TeaiJQ6NZiZhA_Jessica_20Lee.jpg","permalink":"jessicalee"},{"id":17813,"title":"KO8 Dubai","meta_title":null,"position":24,"created_at":1591688001,"description":"<p>The flagship home of KO8 is now open in the prestigious Dubai Marina waterfront. A versatile, state-of-the-art training facility in the heart of Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE with premium fitness programs to suit all your needs. </p><p><br></p><p>The only place in the world where you can go for the ULTIMATE KO8 experience. Designed by KO8, and executed by KO8.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.ko8.fitness/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>KO8's Website</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/ko8_fitness/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>KO8's Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/ko8_dubai/?hl=en\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>KO8 Dubai's Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-RbOAg5ZxM0M","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/17813/small_small_NWGs02cVSGyfQH1TSiNg_K08_Logo.png","permalink":"author-RbOAg5ZxM0M"},{"id":13096,"title":"Lea Radojicic","meta_title":null,"position":4,"created_at":1586703030,"description":"<p>As a former professional volleyball player, Coach Lea has years of experience in fitness and sports (volleyball, rowing, athletics). She has always been passionate about weightlifting and functional training and that developed a desire to help women around her be happier and fitter. As a result, she became a certified Level 3 REPs registered personal trainer, with a qualification in pre- and postnatal fitness. </p><p><br></p><p>At the moment, Coach Lea is studying for a level 4 certification in nutrition coaching. Her ultimate goal is to help as many women (and men) as possible to live their healthiest lives. </p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/lea_rebeldxb/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Lea's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/coach-lea","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13096/small_small_small_KMl5iIYaTDQIhXiSB0aJ_Avatar_202.jpeg","permalink":"coach-lea"},{"id":25666,"title":"Mai Li","meta_title":null,"position":37,"created_at":1600078053,"description":"<p>Mai stepped into her first yoga class when she was 19 with her beloved mother trying to motivate her mom to pick up a healthy routine to maintain wellness and get rid of chronic aching in the body. While her mom kept practicing to keep fit, Mai left the mat as her role as a motivating companion accomplished. </p><p><br></p><p>In her late 20’s Mai went into the catering business, owning two cafes in the hectic center of Hong Kong, the intense stress and long working hours brought Mai back to a regular practice and even led her shift her career path way becoming a full time yoga teacher since 2017.</p><p><br></p><p>With two teacher trainings in Rishikesh India, a total 500 hours of traditional yoga training foundation, Mai kept on looking for her own teaching theme until she met Jo Phee, an elite in Yin yoga, connective tissue and traditional Chinese medicine teaching, Mai found her direction in becoming a teacher healing emotional and chronic pain combining Yin Yang yoga, Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine.</p><p><br></p><p>Mai is currently a student of HKU space studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she will continue in deepening her Yin yoga and connective tissue knowledge with Jo Phee in the short future.</p><p><br></p><ul><li>650 hrs RYT</li><li>Current student of TCM and Acupuncture</li></ul><p><br></p><p>Mai的瑜伽旅途是以一個陪伴媽媽尋找痛症治理方法的角色而開始的,一段時間後母親養成了恆常練習的習慣,Mai的「書僮日常」便漸漸退出了,那一年她19歲。</p><p><br></p><p>喜愛料理的她後來經營著兩家咖啡店,夢想從此可以過上伴有咖啡跟烘焙香氣,自帶粉紅色濾鏡的生活。事實卻不如所願,背著龐大的壓力,Mai想起那段陪伴母親練習的日子,自此重投瑜伽墊上的生活,像得到新生一樣,Mai放下了以為沒有辦法逃離的日常,隻身前往印度考取了第一個瑜伽導師執照,開啟了截然不同的生活。</p><p><br></p><p>開始任教瑜伽後Mai希望能在廣闊的瑜伽領域裡找到自己專屬的頻道,她繼續四處尋找新的課題、跟隨新的老師。直到遇上了Jo Phee這位來自新加坡,擁有豐富教學經驗的陰瑜伽導師,解剖學、結締組織領域的菁英,在她身上學習到一套顛覆了Mai的教學觀:揉合了瑜伽,現代解剖學還有中醫陰陽五行理論的練習/教授方法。Mai找到了她在瑜伽裡的定位,歸途,家。</p><p><br></p><p>Mai將會繼續跟隨恩師Jo Phee學習與拓展該領域的知識,同時她現在正在香港大學持續進修學院攻讀中醫以及針灸學的高級文憑。</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-qPmWL8PoOSM","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/25666/small_D7j1H97fRvyRLlT9KVlI_Switch_Plus-Catalog-Mai_Li-Video_2_Mandarin.jpg","permalink":"author-qPmWL8PoOSM"},{"id":13139,"title":"Masterjedai","meta_title":"Master Jedai","position":5,"created_at":1586771570,"description":"<p>Masterjedai has an intense passion for dance and he loves expressing himself through music. From there, his journey as a Zumba® instructor began. Zumba has changed his life drastically in more ways than one—psychologically & physically!</p><p><br></p><p>Many come to classes not only to reap the physical rewards of Zumba®, but also to de-stress, to recover, to gain confidence, to heal, and to feel whole. </p><p><br></p><p>Jed has been working for the past 6 years as a Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/masterjedai/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Masterjedai's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/master-jedai","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13139/small_small_small_SpiHCCiHQ8K4K9k07MJd_Avatar_20-_20Master_20Jedai.jpg","permalink":"master-jedai"},{"id":13365,"title":"Matt Dochniak","meta_title":"Matt Dochniak","position":8,"created_at":1586919522,"description":"<p>Having served as a Physical Educator in both England and Canada Matt is excited to bring you Educational Active Breaks for kids. This series of simple videos can be performed anywhere and offers benefits for all the family. Be sure to wear something comfy, find a space and let's get active!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/mjdockers/\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Matt's Instagram Account</u></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk6Fz2q4gctJGUZ292K97aA\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Matt's YouTube Channel</u></a></p>","url":"/authors/mattdochniak","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13365/small_small_small_small_DYjl6a4Tc6tSYEEO0wNA_7B5B2ECD-A856-4B25-8932-A35C3E8FFBF0.jpeg","permalink":"mattdochniak"},{"id":18425,"title":"Melissa Andrew","meta_title":null,"position":26,"created_at":1592795108,"description":"<p>Melissa is a fully certified APPI pilates instructor in both MAT and equipment and is also a certified yoga teacher. Her experience as an Osteopath has led her to combine these areas of expertise when planning her classes. She aims to educate and empower her students to know how and why they are executing safe technique, while maintaining the fun and playful elements of self-expression which she enjoys from yoga.</p><p><br></p><p>Her classes are a unique blend of strength, flexibility and mobility with a functional/clinical twist to them, leaving you feeling open, energised and confident.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.melissaandrew.co.uk\" target=\"_blank\">Melissa's Website</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/melissaandrew.osteo/\" target=\"_blank\">Melissa's Facebook account</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/mumsandbubs.osteo/\" target=\"_blank\">Melissa's Instagram account</a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-1hq6tlHPsq4","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/18425/small_7u91hUSsSwqf9PNGWfG1_MA_logos_all_positive-02.jpg","permalink":"author-1hq6tlHPsq4"},{"id":25953,"title":"Mel McAllister","meta_title":"Mel McAllister","position":38,"created_at":1600350675,"description":"<p>Originally from Liverpool, Mel is a professional dancer, choreographer and fitness coach. She is passionate about keeping active both physically and mentally, and keeping a positive mindset. Mel assures you that you'll have fun in her music-driven sessions while getting fit.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/mel_mcallister/?hl=en\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Mel's Instagram Page</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/author-melmcallister","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/25953/small_small_ILKyzDQ3KlKRBbDuAFXQ_66481385_689723564805860_4054544645921505821_n.jpg","permalink":"author-melmcallister"},{"id":16725,"title":"Mindful Wing Chun","meta_title":null,"position":18,"created_at":1590384845,"description":"<p>Mindful Wing Chun began passing on the teachings of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (a close Ip Man student) in 2008 at our full-time school in Central, Hong Kong. To us, Sigung (our Grandmaster), was a phenomenal man who embodied the Wing Chun system. From his teachings we learnt that the 'condition' of our bodies has a profound impact on our health and our lives. </p><p><br></p><p>When we learn to stand upright with great posture, when we understand that excessive muscular tension inhibits our movement patterns and when we understand there are other ways to move and power our bodies that use much less effort, our appreciation for the secrets that Grandmaster Chu uncovered are as valuable today as they ever have been.</p><p><br></p><p>Discover 'active relaxation' and an open and resilient body through the movement practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu.</p><p><br></p><p>We are proud to be a dedicated CST Lineage Kung Fu school in Hong Kong guiding children and adults to a more open, relaxed and resilient versions of themselves.</p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-2oxjJ282gpY","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/16725/small_xqQjT8tBRBy3x4IznXN3_WingCHun_logo.jpg","permalink":"author-2oxjJ282gpY"},{"id":13522,"title":"Mojo 4 Life","meta_title":"Mojo","position":13,"created_at":1587056544,"description":"<p>Amanda Slade, owner of Mojo 4 Life, is a renowned personal therapist and master of change coach. She has worked with many international clients in her highly successful coaching practice and has helped change the lives of many.</p>","url":"/authors/mojo","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13522/small_small_4o1wHM1lRuCgD8q5DNki_Avatar_20-_20Mojo.png","permalink":"mojo"},{"id":19608,"title":"Paula Saavedra","meta_title":"Paula Saavedra","position":31,"created_at":1594299352,"description":"<p>Paula is a certified Zumba fitness instructor and a sports psychologist managing to unite two areas—mind and body. She is certified in Zumba pro skills and pro virtual, and has had various trainings in different types of rhythms—applying these skills for a session full of energy.</p><p><br></p><p>Paula has an incredible ability to transmit energy and connect with her students. Zumba is her passion and she has used it as a tool throughout her career in countries like Chile, Argentina and the United States. Her constant search for positive vibes is a hallmark of her classes.  Each class is an entertaining Zumba session wherein you will not only work on different muscle groups at different rhythms and intensities, but you will also leave feeling physically and mentally charged.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/paulisaavedraz/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Paula's Instagram Page</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/paula-saavedra","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/19608/small_eeXgwWvmQRObsEagapBG_104836140_294491835079091_1626289582348554101_n.jpg","permalink":"paula-saavedra"},{"id":28046,"title":"Paul Woolard","meta_title":null,"position":41,"created_at":1603861256,"description":"<p>Paul has been passionate about run coaching for many years.  Since completing his Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement, he has coached many teams and groups, face to face and online, all ages and abilities!</p><p><br></p><p>He makes it his mission to encourage all runners and the run-curious from beginners to elite level, to set and reach their goals through a socially conscious and supportive, friendly and accessible environment.</p><p><br></p><p>He encourages runners to supportive each other, share knowledge and ideas.  </p><p><br></p><p>Running is a mindset, a feeling, unique to the individual … something that you feel, it isn’t defined by an event, distance or time. It is about you and your shared connection with other runners.  Paul endeavours to tap into the runners mind, to understand what is driving them to run, and from there, set programs and strategies in place to help that runner achieve their best.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/paul_wooly/\" target=\"_blank\">Paul's Instagram Account</a></p><p><a href=\"www.facebook.com/paul.woolard.75\" target=\"_blank\">Paul's Facebook Account</a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-drZrIierjWg","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/28046/small_egwxISe6S1W0qMMWKQk3_WhatsApp_20Image_202020-10-27_20at_2010.55.42_20AM_20_1__20_1_.jpeg","permalink":"author-drZrIierjWg"},{"id":13520,"title":"PURE Pilates","meta_title":"PURE Pilates","position":11,"created_at":1587056187,"description":"<p>PURE Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio in Dubai, United Arab Emirates teaching the original method of Joseph Pilates to transform your body and your health.</p><p><br></p><p>Their highly qualified teachers committed to delivering the best of authentic Pilates in Dubai. They offer private and small group classes which all focus on correct exercise.</p><p><br></p><p>Each class at PURE Pilates is focused on the uniform development of your body in order to create, stretch, strength and control, resulting in visible changes in your posture and movement. The studio is one of few studios in the region fully equipped with Gratz equipment which is manufactured in New York according to the original specifications of Joseph Pilates.</p><p><br></p><p>What is Pilates?</p><p><br></p><p>The Pilates method, originally called Contrology, is considered to be one of the most innovative and complete fitness approaches ever developed. Based on spring resistance, Pilates is a strong core workout to stretch and strengthen the body simultaneously. It is a unique system of specified exercises on mat and equipment that when done correctly yield incredible results. Joseph Pilates perfected this method over several decades and invented numerous pieces of apparatus to help people understand the work and to target specific weaknesses in the body.</p><p><br></p><p>Located in Barsha Heights in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Pure Pilates offers a welcoming place for everyone from beginners to experienced clients and teachers. Staying true to the classical method, the studio offers only private and small group classes.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/purepilatesdubai/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>PURE Pilates' Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/purepilates","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13520/small_AoIDiA39TWCNBaeKkaVV_Avatar_20-_20PURE_20Pilates.png","permalink":"purepilates"},{"id":18004,"title":"Sara Wee","meta_title":null,"position":25,"created_at":1591938021,"description":"<p>A familiar face in the Singapore music industry for the past 17 years, Sara has made waves in the fitness scene as well. After falling in love with HIIT cardio almost seven years ago, she has gone on to become an assistant Nike Training Club (NTC) trainer cum brand ambassador with Nike Singapore and an ACROVINYASA Level 2 and Yoga Alliance (RYT 500) certified yoga instructor at The Yoga Mandala.</p><p>With five years of teaching beginner to intermediate/advanced yoga, Sara loves leading classes that are fun, unconventional and leave you feeling physically and mentally stronger!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/saraweeruyu/\" target=\"_blank\">Sara Wee's Instagram Account</a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-DKcPfQ24vZM","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/18004/small_small_PeaiBfwZRie6FeP6a9Ci_Switch_Plus-Catalog-Series-Sara_Yu-Cardioga.jpg","permalink":"author-DKcPfQ24vZM"},{"id":13028,"title":"Sean Clancy","meta_title":"Sean Clancy","position":3,"created_at":1586591173,"description":"<p>Sean is an ex-professional football player from the UK who, after a 12-year playing career, turned to a full-time career in fitness. Sean’s background as an athlete, teacher and fitness educator has lead him to train some elite level stars including Ex-England Captain Steven Gerrard as well as other Premier League footballers, UFC fighters and other pro sports athletes. Sean currently delivers fitness education to other fitness professionals throughout the sport and exercise sector internationally and has been in charge of major fitness contests for Under Armour. He has a passionate approach to helping people achieve their goals and a highly motivational energy. Sean’s focus lies in functional training which helps people to be strong, happy and healthy for either their sport or everyday life. </p><p><br></p><p><strong>🔗 </strong><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/seanclancy_ko8/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Sean's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/sean-clancy","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13028/small_small_small_OkrUIFjETlWkQXsBZsQg_Avatar.png","permalink":"sean-clancy"},{"id":23887,"title":"Self Fitness","meta_title":null,"position":33,"created_at":1597132201,"description":"<p>SELF Fitness Studio位於中環, 是香港唯一一間教授The Garuda Method 的中心。 The Garuda Method 混合了普拉提, 瑜伽, 太極和舞蹈。</p><p>我們提供儀器,墊上和barre課程。 儀器可以幫助大家伸展筋骨和進行負重訓練。</p><p>而我們亦會在墊上課上加入小道具令課程更有挑戰性及趣味。</p><p>Barre可以加用一條band, 除了增加了樂趣,亦同時增加運用你的手臂和腿部。</p><p>來我們中心的人包括希望提高運動水準的,附助產前和產後康復的媽媽,也有希望減輕頸部和背部疼痛并改善姿勢的。</p><p>來試試看我們的小班教授吧!</p><p><br></p><p>​SELF is the acronym of <strong>S</strong>trength, <strong>E</strong>ndurance, <strong>L</strong>ifestyle, <strong>F</strong>itness.</p><p>​Move Better, Hurt Less.</p><p>At SELF, we help our clients understands better movement patterns through conscious movements and active meditation, breathing, low impact functional training, fluidity and movement flow, and in return, better posture, improved sports performance, less injuries and pain.</p><p>You will greatly benefit no matter if you're a beginner, or avid athlete.</p><p>​As Asia's first Garuda Method focused studio, classes are mat or machine based, using movements inspired from Pilates & Yoga.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\" https://www.selffitness.studio/\" target=\"_blank\">Self Fitness Webpage</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/selffitnessstudiohk\" target=\"_blank\">Self Fitness Faceboook</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/selffitness.studio/\" target=\"_blank\">Self Fitness Instagram</a> </p>","url":"/authors/author-3vrDWaMD2Bs","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/23887/small_XS5hIcOZR3qR8t04Yuc2_Logo_20PGN_20_V2__20_1_.jpg","permalink":"author-3vrDWaMD2Bs"},{"id":27856,"title":"Shelly Woods","meta_title":null,"position":40,"created_at":1603436476,"description":"<p>Shelly is a T54 wheelchair racing athlete who has competed at the highest level in the sport. Her achievements to date include winning:</p><p><br></p><ul><li>Silver in the Marathon at the London Paralympic Games in 2012</li><li>Silver and bronze medals in the 1500m and 500m events at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, and</li><li>Winning the London Marathon in both 2012 and 2007.</li><li>Silver medalist in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in 2019</li></ul><p><br></p><p>For a bit of insight into the wheelchair racing and events that Shelly’s involved with, take a look at her video, <a href=\"https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cPUOkTakjj8\" target=\"_blank\">here</a>.</p><p><br></p><p>As an active child, Shelly was always extremely competitive and heavily into sport.  Following a tragic accident at the age of 11 when Shelly fell from a tree during a game of hide and seek with friends, however, she was left paralysed from the waist down after breaking her back at the T12 vertebrae, leaving her wheelchair bound.</p><p>As a naturally competitive individual, Shelly didn’t let that stop her. She began wheelchair racing at the age of 16 and competing on a national level shortly after. Shelly’s natural flair, hard work and determination has enabled huge success for her and, as well as public speaking and school visits, racing has been her full time career ever since.</p><p>Furthermore, Shelly is also a highly experienced and qualified fitness instructor who, teaching out of Blackpool (UK), specializes in HIIT workouts for all abilities. </p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-fkIKkroil_U","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/27856/small_small_small_9835enhQCOZhqhEckCeD_Shelly_plusWoods_plus2012_plusLondon_plusParalympics_plusDay_plus11_plus92FToyvre4Fl.jpg","permalink":"author-fkIKkroil_U"},{"id":23526,"title":"Soma Culture","meta_title":"Soma Culture","position":32,"created_at":1596625544,"description":"<p>Soma Culture is the brainchild of Kris & Pav - two people with two different yet complementary backgrounds, one being more academic & scientific, the other more creative & artistic. They both realised that when it came to seeking the truth about the human condition, these two perspectives were intrinsically bound. As they combined their thoughts and ideas together, Soma Culture was created.</p><p>For more than 15 years, Pavlina Rai has been researching, studying and understanding the human form. Pavlina’s path to understanding the human form has taken many turns, from acting and performing on stage, to choreography and the creative understanding of human expression, all the way to competitive swimming and athletic performance. This journey of discovering different movement forms and arts, from the many forms of dance to wing chun to yoga, pilates and sports performance, allows Pavlina to create the different elements that shape the approach of her classes and practice.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"http://www.somaculture.com/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Soma Culture's Website</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/somaculture/?hl=en\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Soma Culture's Instagram Page</strong></a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/Pav.somaculture/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Pavlina Rai's Instagram Page</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/soma-culture","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/23526/small_40yebDt7R7C7FbRLn87r_soma_20logo.jpg","permalink":"soma-culture"},{"id":12999,"title":"Sonja Moses","meta_title":"Sonja Moses","position":1,"created_at":1586544310,"description":"<p>Professional ‘Nak Muay’ Sonja Moses is a well-rounded athlete, trainer and spiritual sports coach, with over twenty years of experience in the health and fitness industry. </p><p><br></p><p>This UAE National Muay Thai champion has a solid wealth of experience, working with global brands such as Nike and Adidas in various roles, including International Fitness Presenter, Master Trainer and Event Curator.</p><p><br></p><p>Physical, mental and spiritual health have always been at the centre of her approach, and she prides herself on empowering people through movement and mindfulness, and finding your inner warrior—a powerful tool that she has personally learned and connected to, from years of practicing Muay Thai and various fighting arts. She holds a black belt in Tang Sou Dao and studied this Korean martial art form for over a decade as well as fighting A class Muay Thai professionally over the last 4 years. </p><p><br></p><p>Her expertise covers several disciplines, including professional DJing, dance, HIIT, boxing and martial arts—which is a proven leverage in training trainers around the world, including her key role at Barry’s Bootcamp ME as a Master Trainer mentoring and educating trainers.</p><p><br></p><p>Sonja is also the proud creator of the fitness-and-mindfulness event, HIITBOX™ wherein she’s able to immerse people on a spiritual level through music, theatrics, exercise, martial arts and meditation. This concept is powered by Adidas Combat Sports ME and has now evolved to the on-demand and live sessions seen on Switch & Co.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/sonjamoses/?hl=en\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Sonja's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/sonja-moses","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/12999/small_small_small_small_small_wB6TJDmIRMablxchBA1y_76907171_185921685891966_6305170750752888724_n_20_2_.jpg","permalink":"sonja-moses"},{"id":24016,"title":"Steve Butler","meta_title":"Steve Butler","position":36,"created_at":1597300135,"description":"<p>Known for bringing the energy his clients love to every workout, Steve is a personal trainer and fitness professional based in Auckland New Zealand. In 2014 he launched his fitness brand, BareFit, where he works with both individual clients and corporate employees to make fitness and wellness an exciting part of everyday life! Steve is passionate about the incredible benefits of HIIT training and works to challenge both the body and the mind in every workout.</p><p>With a background in virtual fitness training, Steve brings his skills, energy, and expertise to everything he does on Switch+. No matter where you are in the world, his Live Sessions and On Demand workouts bring a community driven experience that leaves you feeling encouraged, motivated, energized, and optimistic about the day ahead!</p><p><br></p><p>Join Steve on Switch+ to find workouts suitable for all fitness levels as well as beginner focused workouts!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/stevebutler___/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong>Steve's Instagram Page</strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/author-steve-butler","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/24016/small_small_u4Sbu3JR1OjaIWkUv8dB_Ste_125.jpg","permalink":"author-steve-butler"},{"id":28194,"title":"Summer Lan Sui","meta_title":null,"position":42,"created_at":1604036151,"description":"<p>Summer started practising yoga 15 years ago and she regularly organises yoga and wellbeing programmes in the Bank. Summer’s class is heartfelt, intuitively sensed, spontaneous and light hearted. She focuses on grounding, breathing and mind body connection. She is experienced in teaching beginners, Pre-natal Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Summer believes it is when we give, we truly live.</p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author-mASndR5ah1Y","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/28194/small_VqJaz6eRu663THUYx0Q0_Summer_20Yoga_202019.jpg","permalink":"author-mASndR5ah1Y"},{"id":17065,"title":"Susan Kocab","meta_title":null,"position":19,"created_at":1590730492,"description":"<p>The multi-passionate Susan Kocab—NASM Certified Trainer and Nutrition & Boxing Coach— founded FitZone Labs in hopes to share the very thing that inspires her own training journey. Fitness, boxing and martial arts training has been a powerful tool for Susan’s mindset and an asset to her training regimen. There’s no better feeling than the release you get from a great workout. Just one good session creates infectious motivation. </p><p>FitZone Labs, Las Vegas, Nevada</p><p>Boxing, fitness and the power of teamwork through small-group private training.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/susankocab.marques/\" target=\"_blank\">Susan's Instagram account</a></p><p><a href=\"https://fitzonelabs.com/the-shop/\" target=\"_blank\">Susan's Webpage</a></p>","url":"/authors/author-Lo-YHQIT4sQ","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/17065/small_FUaLpbdBQAew9U3LK4Xk_image2.jpeg","permalink":"author-Lo-YHQIT4sQ"},{"id":13524,"title":"Top Chef","meta_title":"Top Chef","position":15,"created_at":1587056844,"description":"<p>Top Chef cooking studio, first and foremost, is composed of a team of passionate gourmets eager to share their enthusiasm for cooking and to pass on their culinary skills.</p><p><br></p><p>They offer a range of tailor-made cooking classes for both adults & children as well as private culinary functions, fun parties and creative and ambitious corporate events in their state-of-the-art professional kitchen with a modern twist.</p><p><br></p><p>Top Chef welcomes you into their friendly, homey setting, located in the heart of Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/topchefcookingstudio/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Top Chef's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/top-chef","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13524/small_Kz9aV1QoTH6jGMTwaoeg_Avatar_20-_20Top_20Chef.png","permalink":"top-chef"},{"id":19598,"title":"UFC Gym Singapore","meta_title":null,"position":30,"created_at":1594278495,"description":"<p>Start your fun-filled fitness journey with UFC Gym Singapore!</p><p>Regardless of your fitness level and age, train with our wide array of mixed martial arts classes and high-energy functional training, designed to unleash your potential. Take advantage of the guidance of our highly qualified coaches to optimise your health levels, learn self-defence skills, develop mental strength and reach your best physique.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/ufcgymsingapore/\" target=\"_blank\">UFC Singapore's Instagram</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/ufcgymsingapore/\" target=\"_blank\">UFC Singapore's Facebook</a></p><p><a href=\"www.ufcgymsingapore.com\" target=\"_blank\">UFC Singapore's Website</a></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>","url":"/authors/author--oHJyvdroPQ","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/19598/small_idrtlXeGS10TBV9qNSzX_UFC_20GYM_Singapore-01_20_1_.jpg","permalink":"author--oHJyvdroPQ"},{"id":13519,"title":"Urban Yoga","meta_title":"Urban Yoga","position":10,"created_at":1587055957,"description":"<p>An NYC-inspired loft yoga studio in Business Bay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that provides yoga instruction for the urban and modern mindset. Urban Yoga provides anatomy-focused yoga instruction, which places the emphasis on your body and how to move it in way that will benefit you both physically and mentally. With classes for different levels and different styles of yoga, you will be able to find the yoga class that is right for you. Leave feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your life.</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/urbanyogadubai/\" target=\"_blank\"><strong><u>Urban Yoga's Instagram Account</u></strong></a></p>","url":"/authors/urbanyoga","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/13519/small_9wVJTQntT0CbjGSAKpHi_Logo_20UY.jpg","permalink":"urbanyoga"},{"id":23888,"title":"Ying Han (Hani) 程颖涵","meta_title":null,"position":34,"created_at":1597133424,"description":"<p>As an international speaker, author and mentor, Hani founded the Liberated LeaderProgram, helping high achievers, entrepreneurs and visionary corporate leaders to experience breakthroughs and multi-dimensional success - from leadership embodiment to voice, career, and money.</p><p>集国际讲员、作家和生命教练于一身的颖涵推出了“提升领袖成就非凡”的项目,帮助那些已经是破记录的超常人士、有远见的实业家、勇往直前的创业者和企业高管活出自我,在表现、经历和收入上突破个人极限,创造多维成就。</p><p><br></p><p>The Liberated Leaders Program marries strategies of business, career and life, with profound personal healing – ihttp://www.yoloabundance.com/yolocnncluding quantum matrix healing, spirituality, unconscious mind work, shamanic journeys and breath work. In her bestselling book You Only Live Once, Hani shares her 15 year quest for self-healing through extensive study of multiple modalities, augmented by insights gained from her masters degree in Innovation, Marketing, and Business.</p><p>“提升领袖成就非凡”项目包含的是完整的个人疗愈-包括量子过程的信息疗愈、心灵成长、意识链接、萨满历程和呼吸动作。颖涵用她的畅销书“活出自我”中,分享 15年来,自己经过多种方式所获得的,补之以创新、市场和商业硕士的学理,和将策略和商业、履历以及生活融合的经验。</p><p><br></p><p>Her team supports thousands of visionary leaders, ambitious healers, difference-makers, and impact-driven entrepreneurs to build fulfilling careers and businesses so they can contribute and lead at their highest level – with courage, authenticity and flow.</p><p>她和她的团队,有能力把有远见的领袖人士,有远大目标的疗愈者 、范式改变者,有影响力的企业家,将勇气、特质和顺畅提升到最高层次,以完成他们心目中宏伟的目标。</p><p>30,000+ Multidimensional Success Community members and clients span the USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.</p><p>颖涵建立的群已经有超过30,000名不同层次、年龄的人士参加,成员遍布美国、亚洲、非洲、欧洲和南美洲。</p><p><br></p><p>Hani’s “Your Unique Magnetic Money Momentum” (YUMMY Framework), helps leaders transform their strengths to maximize their impact, and magnetically attract ideal clients. It has been seen on 300+ media outlets.</p><p>颖涵在超过300个社会媒体上推出的“独一无二的吸金术” (YUMMY),能协助领袖们和创业者转化自己的特长,扩大影响力,吸引最理想的客户。</p><p><br></p><p>She has taught at 100+ events including teaching at Claremont Mckenna College, Singapore Management University, international festivals, conferences, chambers of commerce, as well as, Lululemon, and HER Global Network.</p><p>此外, 颖涵也曾在加州克莱门麦肯纳学院(CMC)、新加坡管理大学(SMU),和多个全球论坛、国际商会以及鹿鹿蕾梦(Lululemon), 国际网络HER 等处,担任多个课程及培训的带头人。</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"http://www.yoloabundance.com/yolocn\" target=\"_blank\">更多资料</a></p><p><a href=\"http://www.yoloabundance.com/webinar\" target=\"_blank\">线上课程</a></p><p><a href=\"https://Www.y-age.net/clarity-breakthrough \" target=\"_blank\">1-1 咨询</a></p><p><a href=\"http://www.bit.ly/yoloyt\" target=\"_blank\">视屏</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.yoloabundance.com/freepdf\" target=\"_blank\">Book Outline</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.mybook.to/yolo\" target=\"_blank\">Book</a></p><p><a href=\"https://www.instagram.com/ying.muse/\" target=\"_blank\">Ying Han's Instagram Account</a>  </p><p><a href=\"https://www.facebook.com/passionying/\" target=\"_blank\">Ying Han's Facebook Account </a> </p><p><a href=\"http://www.youtube.com/flamingurl1\" target=\"_blank\">Youtube</a></p>","url":"/authors/author-uY5IsDTcNYU","avatar_url":"https://dtsvkkjw40x57.cloudfront.net/images/author/23888/small_small_BEj8TzLSaaBmTYbBlwmQ_Hani.png","permalink":"author-uY5IsDTcNYU"}]